Rolin Glove Business Process for you

Standard package for 2018 – £200 per Glove

We have been thinking of you…that’s why the total cost of your personalised glove includes for 2018:

  • one embroidered name of your choice in the colour of your choice;
  • one flag of your choice
  • shipping by from our factory in Mexico;
  • clearance through UK Customs;
  • onward delivery to your specified address by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

In order to keep the shipping costs down, Rolin Europe prefers to order gloves in batches of 5 or more. This makes it easy for a team to order together. Individual orders can be added in to group orders, and Rolin Europe will maintain a current list on Facebook and Twitter to advise potential buyers about the status of group orders (how many more are needed to trigger a batch at this price).

Premium package for 2018 – £230 per Glove

This contains all of the same fantastic personalisation as the standard package – the embroidered name and flag – but the order for the glove will be triggered immediately, no waiting for more orders. The additional cost of £30 pays for the higher shipping costs incurred for individual shipments from our factory in Mexico. Rolin Europe will ensure the glove clears UK customs and is sent on to your specified address by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Payment method

We only accept PayPal for our transactions.

How to order

Get inspired…  

Have a look at the constantly updated  Gallery of Rolin Barraza in Facebook UK. Enjoy the pictures and start developing your ideas. Save image(s) as reference and save on your device.

Get practical…   

Go to Rolin Barraza’s exclusive glove builder. Find there your required size, model, throwing hand, colours, flags and embroidery options. Take your time designing your new glove: free your inner artist!

Once you have decided on your creation, follow these steps:

  1. Take a screenshot and save it to your device.
  2. Go to the Order Form on this website and start filling it. Add all your necessary comments and questions. Submit.
  3.  Attach your saved image(s) to an email to
  4. We will match your submitted request and your image(s) and will email you back to confirm the data you sent us, the final price and estimated delivery time to the UK.

What happens next?

  1. Once you have confirmed by email that your order is correct and you want to go ahead with it, we will send you a PayPal request for 50% of the total order value.
  2. After the glove has arrived at our offices in the UK we will contact you by email to inform you. At this moment we will issue you with the second and final PayPal request for the remaining 50% of the total order value. At this point, you will also be asked to reconfirm your specified delivery address.
  3. After payment is received by Rolin Europe, we will post your glove by Royal Mail Special Delivery, providing your tracking number, once the glove is on its way.

Payment method

We only accept PayPal for our transactions.