Terms Of sale & Conditions

Personalised Product

Since each glove is a personalised product, there are very clear terms and conditions in place for the customer. Once the design of the product has been finalised and authorised by the customer, returns and exchanges can only be agreed if there is a manufacturing fault with the glove.


  1. All personalised gloves are made to order
  2. Once the order is agreed and placed, they will ship in approx 4-6 weeks from the date of order, coming by air from Mexico to a specified address within the UK. See Shipping & Customs for more details.
  3. Returns and exchanges are available for custom products only if there is a manufacturer’s defect. See Terms of Sales below.

Terms of Sale

  1. All orders will be processed in the UK within 24 hours of the placement of the order
  2. Each custom product is made to your individual specifications and as a result, your orders can’t be modified or cancelled once the order has been placed. Returns cannot be agreed unless there is a manufacturer’s defect.
  3. Once you have submitted your Order Form and emailed your optional images attached as reference, Rolin Europe will contact you by email to verify your order details. This provides a second chance to review your design choices and make changes before placing your order. This is very important because a customised product cannot be returned and your purchase is non-refundable. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL INFORMATION IS CORRECT before you finalise your order. Once you are satisfied, Rolin Europe will proceed to order your glove according to your specifications.
  4. Once your order is placed you will receive an email to confirm this; you will then have 24 hours to contact Rolin Europe to make changes or cancel your order.
  5. Returns and exchanges are available for custom products only if there is a manufacturer’s defect.

Shipping & Customs

  1. Rolin Europe will use Royal Mail Special Delivery to deliver its products in the UK.
  2. Rolin Europe takes responsibility for shipping (by air) from our factory in Mexico and clearing the glove through UK customs.
  3. Standard package: gloves are shipped in batches of 5 gloves, which may mean a wait at the start of the ordering process until 5 orders have been placed.
  4. Premium package: gloves are ordered immediately and shipped individually as soon as they are ready; an additional payment is required for this service.

Payment Method:

  1. We only accept PayPal.

Glove Personalisation Guidelines

We reserve the right to refuse any requested personalisation if we have concerns about any of the following issues:

  1. Your customisation text cannot contain any profanity, including offensive language, slogans or acronyms deemed inappropriate, derogatory, or profane.
  2. Custom designs cannot use third-party trademarks, athlete images, corporate logos, team logos or any other image/brand under copyright.
  3. Names of professional athletes and/or celebrities.
  4. Any other trademarked marks, words or phrases.
  5. Unauthorized use of Major League Baseball Team names.
  6. By ordering you state your understanding and agreement that the personalisation text entered is accurate and does not contain any restricted text, and that you own all rights, titles, and interest in any images or logos uploaded. If any personalised order has restricted language or names, the order will not be processed. Proof of ownership/permission to use trademark/copyrighted item may be requested, if there is any doubt.